The Different Types of Backpacks

Article on current and stylish stylish backpacks for college, like rolling school backpacks:


It's back-to-school time and new backpacks are on the minds of grown-ups and children alike. There are several different types of this product available, many sizes to choose from, and options available for every budget. You can get one with your favorite cartoon character on it, go with a simple pattern, or even a plain color. Students of all ages use a backpack, pre-kindergarten to college. Even those who are not students use these items to carry laptops, when hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and for everyday use.

When it comes to types of backpacks there are wheeled versions which roll, versions with only two straps that you wear on your shoulders, and specialized versions such as internal frame backpacks. Versions with wheels are highly suggested by chiropractors, and help prevent back and spine injuries. A child can load up their heavy books and supplies, zip the pack closed, and roll their items right beside them to and from school. Professionals also prefer this type of pack, as they do not wrinkle the back of their business suits. Parents preferred this type of pack, as they know that spine injuries due to overloaded school bags are a serious condition.

Many younger children want their favorite cartoon characters as the design. Little boys often prefer Star Wars or Batman, and little girls often want Hannah Montana or Barbie. When children are a little older, they often want plain colored packs. Boys like red, blue, black, and white. Girls usually prefer pink, purple, or aqua. Geometrics and simple patterns are also popular. Some of the hottest styles this seasonĀ are stripes, polka dots, and flowers. Teenagers often prefer messenger bags or plain color bags that they can decorate themselves. Simple versions can be found on sale for around five dollars, and designer versions can cost around $100. These bags can also be personalized for an additional fee.

No matter how old you were child is, or even if you're shopping for yourself, you are bound to find the perfect backpacks for everyone in the family! These items are sold online, in retail stores, it can through mail order catalogs. They often go on sale right before school starts, and on clearance as much is 80% off around October.

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